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How to Create a Vault

Vaults are advanced collections which group assets into a folder which is encrypted and managed by a Vault Key. Data stored in a Vault and the Vault Key used to encrypt this data are managed totally independently of each other. This allows for updates or modifications to the Vault Key without ever decrypting or exposing the data in the Vault. This encryption method is especially useful for groups and teams, as well as for enforcing governance over access of encrypted data. The possibilities this patented encryption technology creates is endless. Lets explore how to create our first Vault:

  1. From the FrostByte home screen, select the blue "plus" icon on the bottom right hand side of the screen. This will bring up the New Collection menu
  2. Select Vault from the New Collection menu and then enter a name to call the Vault and press next.
  3. On next screen you will choose to use an existing, or create a new Vault Key. To learn more about Vault Keys and their creation, please see the Vault Key (Insert article link here) article. 
    • Select if you would like to create a new vault key to use with this vault, or apply an existing key.
    • If selecting a new key:
      • Define the total number of key holders and required number needed to unlock.
      • Please see the Vault Key article to learn more about recommended Vault Key configuration and use. 
      • On the next screens you will vault key name and enter Keyholder ID's and passwords for each key holder. 
      • Please see Vault Key (insert article link here) page for more information on Vault Key creation  
    • If selecting an existing Key, you can either select one already on the device, or import one for use at this time
    • On this screen you can also define additional security settings such as such as requiring a device pin code or biometrics. These act as second and third layer authentication options in addition to the verification required by the Vault Key. 
  4. You have now successfully created your Vault! You are now ready to create or import your assets. Please see the Asset Creation (insert link to article here) help article to proceed. 

In order to use your newly created vault, you must hold the vault key and required credentials needed to unlock the vault. This applies to both asset creation and asset access

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