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What is included with a Premium Subscription?

 A FrostByte premium subscription includes the following in-app features:

  • Create multi-password assets:
    • Securely share assets easily amongst groups
    • Designate custom encryption schema for unlock. (minimum of total/of n)
    • Easy QR code sharing and import 
  • Access to Vault Encryptions:
    • The most secure and flexible encryption type, designed for organizations
    • Can encrypt many assets at once
    • Rotatable credentials and updateable schema via Vault Key technology
    • Protects an organization's most sensitive data by enabling governance over assets within a vault.

Premium Subscription pricing is currently as follows:

  • Monthly - $9.99
  • Annual - $99.99 (17% savings)

A premium subscription will automatically renew at the purchased interval unless manually cancelled.

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