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How might an organization use the premium features of FrostByte?

An organization may choose to organize, custody and share access to its most secret data in the same way as individuals might (see above). 

Organizations will have boards of directors, and directors will periodically be rotated or will join and leave the company with the passage of time. 

FrostByte allows companies to authorize directors to be Keyholders, and to stipulate how many directors need to come together to unlock and access some or all of the encrypted data vaults.

With organizations in particular, the need to ensure that an encrypted data vault should not be accessed when a Vault key needs to be changed is of particular importance. Imagine, in the case of Google’s most secret algorithms, that a Vault Key needs to be changed because some of the directors of the company have left the organization. Traditional password managers usually require data vaults to be unlocked and for a new key and lock to be put in place. FrostByte however allows the Vault key to be changed without the data vault ever having to be unlocked and accessed, thereby ensuring the full secrecy of the contents of the data vault.

In addition, organizations such as Family offices and other enterprises who invest in cryptocurrencies usually grapple with self-custody issues because of a lack of any governance framework and any secure means to custody those assets. FrostByte is the perfect solution which allows full offline self-sovereign custody in a user-friendly and easy to use platform.

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