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What is FrostByte?

FrostByte is a mobile application (available on iOS and Android) that gives you complete control over the security, custody and management of your secret data. One of the unique features of FrostByte is that the app is not tied to your phone number, and it doesn’t take or store any personal identifiable information (PII). Simply put, FrostByte is phishing-proof and it can’t be compromised by other accounts/services on your device.

FrostByte is the result of more than two years of extensive research and development to create a proprietary cryptographic key management solution, with patents granted in the US and internationally. We are excited to share this new solution with you as a user-friendly solution for encrypting to the highest standards, any format of secret data.

At its core, FrostByte combines the very best features of off-cloud custody solutions and password managers to provide you with an unrivaled new experience for safeguarding your secret data. 

FrostByte believes that the acceptable risk tolerance in the storage of sensitive data should be absolute zero, and we are on a mission to democratize access to military-grade data encryption and security available to you in an optimal, robust, reliable, and user-friendly mobile app.

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